Comment on Bad Boy Johnny and the Prophets of Doom Musical Review by john linwood.

Just come across this review. I can’t believe the reviewer above attended the same show as me. Bad Boy Johnny proved to be a refreshingly original entertainment, half rock gig, half story. The plot was easy to follow (and be swept away by) and as for the one mention of the word ‘rape’, good grief kids hear and see far worse than this on tv soaps. And given it was the priest (Father Maclean) who this was addressed to, one can only wonder how the author of this 20 year old Australian show so acurately predicted the current scandals engulfing the Catholic Church! My feeling was that Mr Steinman didn’t do full justice to this work. Sure his band played the terrific songs well and his cast were adequate, if sometimes a little out of their depth, but Steinman himself seemed incapable of playing the subtlties required, and simply went for the broadest laughs. I think the above reviewer is so used to being spoon fed cover songs that he/she is incapable of appreciating anything new. Another unrelated point. Why does Steve (whatever his real name is) call himself Steinman? Is he trying to trick the audience into believing that he is somehow related to Meatloafs famous collaborator? If so, he must think we’re thick! Bad Boy Johnny was a great night out and one I would gladly see again (if it is performed by proffesional performers and not cabaret turns.)