Comment on Bad Boy Johnny and the Prophets of Doom Musical Review by Theater Buff.

erm.. I think you John should read the review again since I think you will find I covered your points:

you said “and as for the one mention of the word ‘rape’, good grief kids hear and see far worse than this on TV soaps”

I said “but it’s not as bad as some stuff on TV before the water shed”

Since I have to cover all aspects in a review for a large range of potential viewers, I thought it right to warn sensitive parents to a possible embarrassing experience viewing Bad Boy Johnny with their children.

Not all about people think the same way you do! some people are offended easily and I had to think about them in my review.

and really you should refrain from insulting people just because they have a different opinion to you, I can assure you I have a wide pallet when it come to the theatre shows I like.

It might well be that Bad Boy Johnny is a good show when produced well, but the performance at this particular show was lacking any flare and left me with no feeling towards the performance.

I do believe you agreed with me on this point when you said “My feeling was that Mr Steinman didn’t do full justice to this work. Sure his band played the terrific songs well and his cast were adequate, if sometimes a little out of their depth, but Steinman himself seemed incapable of playing the subtlties required, and simply went for the broadest laughs”

and you went on to say:” I would gladly see again (if it is performed by proffesional performers and not cabaret turns.)”

Which is how I felt, so your point is?