Comment on Bad Boy Johnny and the Prophets of Doom Musical Review by John Linwood.

I think it’s a bit rich to claim I was insulting you with my comment about your failure to appreciate something new, when you say “it felt like a drunk Australian had written it and was experiencing regular blackout’s!” I believe they do have the internet in Australia these days.

Of course, you are entitled to your opinion. However, your stated love of Vampires Rock rather betrays the level of your taste. I found VR loud and lazy. Old covers of rock songs strung together with a load of crude and lewd jokes. I seem to remember Steinman effing and blinding and using language far worse than the word ‘rape’. I think Steinman (or whatever his real name is) didn’t do this piece justice. I thought the songs were great and very catchy, and the storyline original, and I look forward to seeing it again with a new company when it plays again, as no doubt it will.