Comment on Bad Boy Johnny and the Prophets of Doom Musical Review by Theater Buff.

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For reasons of health we can’t travel far to see a show, we can only see productions that feature at my local theatre which is relatively modest and many shows are hit and miss in quality.

I will only review shows I have seen and I will not comment on productions I haven’t experienced First hand, so banging on about how good it was some where else done by a different production company or with different actors is irrelevant.

I don’t care how good Bad Boy Johnny was received in Australia my only concern and review was on the UK version that I went to see.

I have seen some great shows that have been produced well and then I seen some productions that quite frankly lack the expected quality.

I base a shows purely on my enjoyment and if I didn’t like it I’ll darn well say so.

I have also seen Steve Steinman’s Bat the Symphony and it was awful, Steve ruined a tribute to Meatloaf by concentrating on his own ego.

The orchestra and the rock band the lost boys was fantastic in Bat the Symphony and I could have listened to them play all night (I love classical music), they were the only redeeming feature of the show Bat the symphony

Look out for that review coming soon!

After seeing Bad Boy Johnny and Bat the Symphony I am a little worried that I wont enjoy Vampires Rock as much I originally did, my eyes have been opened to Steve’s self indulgence and it’s wearing a little thin

There is nothing wrong with letting your hair down at a (as you put it low brow) concert, but when you pay good money to see a musical you expect a little more for your money.

Bad Boy Johnny was badly done and IMO the story sucked!.

As for my comment “it felt like a drunk Australian had written it and was experiencing regular blackout’s!” OOPS my bad, that should have been Englishman I’ve amended my error.