Comment on Gilbert and Sullivan HMS Pinafore Opera Review by Gillian Fletcher.

I’m so sorry you didn’t enjoy your evening at The Embassy Theatre seeing Opera della Luna’s production of HMS Pinafore. I can only assume, having seen the same show, that you didn’t really understand what was going on? The music is delightful and the dialogue is very funny, but you do need to have some wit and intelligence yourself to appreciate it. I have seen OdL many times and the awfulness of The Embassy Theatre is not ideally suited to this excellent company. Microphone’s were not required: I could hear everything at the level it is supposed to be heard. So often a musical show is far too loud and that makes it uncomfortable. Perhaps you need to have your ears tested?

Do try again, as these pieces are well worth a second shot. As to opera being a dying art form, you could not be further from the truth. It is alive and well and plays to packed houses throughout the world. Unfortunately, the show had not sold well at Embassy, but it’s really not what you would exactly call a number one date, and only fit for awful tribute shows and reality star rubbish.