Comment on Gilbert and Sullivan HMS Pinafore Opera Review by Theater Buff.

I’m glad you like HMS Pinafore.

I can assure you I understood the story perfectly well, and although it has it’s amusing moments this opera for me was dated.

Maybe it’s that I’m to young to appreciate class divides, I found the whole premise of the show to be patronising for a modern audience.

I would agree that the acoustics in the Embassy theatre are not good, but saying this I’m afraid apart from the opera singers who played the Admiral and His daughter the rest of the performers where lacking in ability and talent.

I have been to see Shakespeare at the Embassy and the thespians in Macbeth where breath taking, so I have a wide pallet of shows I like to see.

Maybe if a modern opera comes to the Embassy I will appreciate opera more.

My personal favourite piece of modern opera is the amazing music score from the movie fifth element performed by the blue diva, if opera was modern and innovative then I could become a fan. Opera should widen it’s arisen and move towards the future.

I know it’s not traditional opera, but I find it amazing how she can use here voice.

The passed should not be forgotten, but a new art form mixing modern with traditional would be a wise step forward.

I do believe in my review I said I didn’t hate HMS Pinafore and at times it was funny.

After some time I would say it was the Opera company and not the Opera itself where the fault lay.

I think the crowd is the real test of the success of a show and in the audience that night not one person gave Opera Della Luna a standing ovation and there was no whistles of exhilarated applause.

As for the Embassy being a place only for rubbish reality stars, then I think you haven’t seen what great shows the Embassy have had on there prospectus. There portfolio is diverse show casing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat and Jools Holland to name just two in 2010 the same year as HMS Pinafore.

Theatres should be treasured no matter how small and not rubbished by anyone, just because they aren’t grand, the Embassy has brought me many hours of enjoyment and I’ve experienced art forms I would never have got to appreciate if the Embassy never existed.

Even if someone only sees a reality star at a small theatre it’s better than never going to the theatre, each to their own.