Comment on Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers Review by ShaunO.

There is obviously a twin Mugenkyo group and it must have been these the reviewer went to see. We attended a sold out gig at the theatre on the lake last night. We also attended a sold out performance last year in Barnsley.
The “real” Mugenkyo show is thrilling and exiting. The audiences, on both occasions, represented all ages. At interval and after the show everyone was talking about the show in glowing terms.
Being a learner taiko drummer I found Mugenkyo to be inspiring, if I can learn to play the Odaiko with half the style and showmanship of the “man with his back to the audience for 10 min” I would die a happy man, and I would want Mugenkyo to play me out with Todoroki and Shichisan Stomp to make sure that everyone was on their feet and see me out in style.
If the reviewer feels that Mugenkyo are boring I would really love to hear whic Taiko group they would reccomend because they must be truly awe inspiring